Job Description :

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Position: Business Analyst
Duration: 7 months with extension possible
Location: Carson City, NV


At least one (1) year of experience is required in the areas identified below. Consultant must have:

1.1 The capability to perform the functions described in Section 13, Scope of Work;

1.2 A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Accounting;

1.3 Demonstrated experience planning, organizing, and overseeing agency/program accounting functions, including oversight and approval of accounts fiscal/financial data/reports reconciliations;

1.4 Strong analytical abilities to assess issues and ability to recommend solutions;

1.5 The ability to establish, administer, and maintain sound internal control procedures and reporting processes;

1.6 The ability to oversee the development and enhancement of automated systems used to maintain records and generate reports including researching and interpreting documentation related to assigned functions/processes to determine appropriate business applications;

1.7 Experience in projecting financial forecasting and revenue projections, including preparation, review, and distribution of financial reports to management and external agencies;

1.8 Experience in leadership, management, and strategy application of an agency’s accounting function to the appropriate accounting staff to ensure accountability from staff members;

1.9 The ability to establish and maintain accounting systems, internal reporting, controls, and records systems to provide the necessary documentation for all fiscal transaction, revenue classifications, and expenditures;

1.10 Governmental accounting trust fund experience including performing complex reconciliations to determine accuracy of account balances;

1.11 Skills in utilizing complex accounting and financial reporting systems with high proficiency with intermediate to advanced features of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, etc;

1.12 The ability to use logic and reason to solve difficult problems;

1.13 The ability to work collaboratively with representatives of other State agencies to coordinate activities, provide and obtain information, resolve problems, and represent the interests of management;

1.14 Excellent customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills (verbal and written) to negotiate sensitive issues such as fiscal matters;

1.15 Have the ability to analyze and interpret financial reports to convey complex fiscal issues in a clear manner and assess complex technical fiscal data;

1.16 The ability to manage multiple complex projects and analyze/resolve operating and management issues in a large Division with major programs;

1.17 Demonstrated experience in executing management skills, process facilitation, organization, and decision making to accomplish objectives;

1.18 The ability to understand, apply, and interpret manuals, policies, procedures, Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS), Nevada Administrative Codes (NAC), and regulation, as applicable;

1.19 Proven ability to work effectively and efficiently towards goals in complex, diverse environments with multiple and changing demands; and

1.20 The ability to develop, implement, and revise policies and procedures related to the collection and disbursement of funds.


2.1 Confidence in speaking an opinion in order to produce quality outcomes

2.2 Experience in overseeing operations of revenue recovery program for the collection of bank returned unpaid items

2.3 Proactive nature with vision and the proven ability to solve problems

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Client : State of Nevada