Job Description :
As a SIR (STRUTS/iBATIS) Senior Software Architect, the Worker will be responsible for analyzing performance, frameworks, tools, and security of custom business applications, as needed for a STRUTS/iBATIS Rewrite Project. The Worker must have extensive knowledge and comfort in:
Java application architecture
Framework upgrades
The Worker must have specific experience with WebSphere 8.5 and Spring/MyBatis/BootStrap frameworks. The Worker must be able to follow software development processes, detailed project plans and generate work estimates. The Worker must also be able to take assignments and direction from agency management and technical lead staff.
Strong written, verbal, ad interpersonal communication skills
Must be able to work independently
Must be able to work in a diverse team environment.
Knowledge of project management and software development methodologies
Must possess problem-solving skills and ability to multi-task
Must be able to work around projects and deadlines with readiness to put in extra efforts when necessary
Perform related work as assigned
Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience

7 Advanced experience in various Java frameworks and APIs including Spring, JEE, JPA, JEE JSF, MyBatis, Bootstrap, etc.
7 Advanced experience in Java application performance tuning and profiling
7 Advanced Experience in upgrading Java applications to newer frameworks
5 Experience in automating Java application testing
5 Experience working with enterprise software solutions in multiple JVMs in a clustered three-tier WebSphere architecture, at least one (1) year of which must be WebSphere 8.5
5 Experience in JDBC driver technologies in terms of performance
5 Extensive experience with highly complex application security requirements
Years Skills/Experience
3 Experience with GUI and Stylesheets design.
3 Experience with CI tools Ants, Jenkins, and SVN.
3 Experience in WebSphere performance and capacity analysis hosting Java applications using different frameworks
3 Public sector experience (Federal, State or Local Government)
3 Proficient with the Microsoft Windows and Office products