Job Description :
We have a consulting opportunity for a SAS Business Intelligence / EG / Advanced SAS Developer in Pittsburgh, PA for a Health Care client. The consultant must have Health Care experience, absolutely required. The technical requirements for this position are defined in the attached Job Description.

Seeking a full time SAS Advanced Programmer / Enterprise Guide / Enterprise Business Intelligence developer to work with our client, a Health Care client in Pittsburgh, PA. The consultant will assist the client to architect, design and develop EG/EBI reports, graphs, visualizations and dashboards. The consultant will use SAS Enterprise Guide to develop the visualizations and reports. The consultant must have excellent communication skills and must be able to communicate about the techniques developed and results of analysis both to executives and other analysts in the organization.

The consultant must have Health Care experience (from the Provider side not clinical)
Experience deriving SAS analytics and content with SAS 9.4 including:
o Apply and demonstrate expertise with efficient DATA step, SQL programming and SAS Macro programming.

Experience developing reports and content with SAS 9.4 Enterprise Business Intelligence products including:
o Utilizing Enterprise Guide and its functionality to create project flows which could include aspects of data access, manipulation, summarization, and report generation to a variety of output formats and channels, etc.
o Creating and using Stored Processes for the creation of customized web output, to include:
o Leveraging and utilizing the creation and passing of parameters from one Stored Process to another via hyperlinks, listboxes, textboxes, etc. (The appropriate use of Macro coding, macro variables, and Macro functions to ensure correct parameter passing is vital)
o Utilize knowledge of Macro variables available to processes running under the stored process server.
o Leveraging the ability for creating session variables & passing parameters as macro variables for chaining Stored Processes
o Ability to know when to use canned SAS PROCs versus Macro / DATA step / PUT statements to produce desired output creating and modifying SAS BI Dashboards using available functionality. As an example, defining data sources, ranges, KPIs and the Dashboard

Be proficient in Base SAS programming (DATA step), SQL programming (i.e., use of SQL pass-through or PROC SQL), as well as the SAS Macro language for use in making code more efficient
Leveraging and utilizing SAS Output Delivery System (ODS)
SQL and MS SQL Server RDBMS experience
Good written and spoken communications skills in English and thought-leadership skills