Job Description :
Position Title: Swift Infrastructure Engineer (IT Engineer III)
Location: Reston, VA
Duration: 6 Months
Interview: Phone & Face to Face, Need Locals

Hands On experience in SWIFT installations and upgrades is a must. - experience troubleshooting Swift messages. Candidate must know firewalls and networks to connect to Swift. 7+ years of experience with Swift. Strong Experience with SOAP WebServices integration with Swift Alliance access. Experience with IBM MQ & file based integration is a plus.

Required Skills
* Administration of Swift Alliance Access, Swift Alliance Gateway and Swift Net Link
* Installation and configuration experience with HSM
* Strong experience with performance upgrades to Swift platform
* Strong working experience of Swift Message types
* Strong experience with troubleshooting UNIX and Network/Firewall connectivity with Swift
* Work with Swift Security Officers and provide needed support to them.

COTS product that Swift is the vendor for- WebServices, FileBase integration
Swift Alliance Access, Swift Alliance Gateway, and Swift Net Link

Understands how networks and fireworks are laid out
7 years of experience on Swift platform- somewhat Senior individual

Client : Mortgage