Job Description :
Title: Performance Engineer
Location: Cupertino, CA(locals)
Duration: Long term

1. Onboarding performance monitoring tools for GCRM applications.
2. Build performance dashboards through Spluk,Extrahop, writing Java script and customized scripts.
3. Define and create performance alerts based on performance threshold
4. Work with application team and production support team to troubleshoot production performance and reliability issues
5. Study and Understand Application characteristics including Business demand drivers, transaction metrics, utilization and response time requirements
6. Maintaining Data repository Data correlation and trending.
7. Report any abnormal trends
8. Using monitoring tools to track every day data and gather additional information required based on need
1. Minimum of 10 years IT industry experience.
2. Minimum of 5 year experience managing web based application or operations support teams in a 7/24 environment to support
3. Minimum of 5 years of Unix/Linux experience specially system administration & Java application servers(ex: JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty)
4. Expert scripting skills or creating some automation scripts. (in Shell or perl or python & java script)
5. Hands-on experience on monitoring and debugging java application servers with strong troubleshooting skills
6. Able to provide analysis and support for large scale multi-tier application capacity and performance needs.
7. Having understanding of performance testing methodologies for multi-tier web applications and using performance testing tool like JMeter or Load Runner
8. Ability to use linux command line tools to parse, merge, analyze, and present performance data through the log file or realtime performance metrics.
9. Ability to relate web data, visitors, Page views and URL hits etc.
10. Strong analytical and problem solving abilities