Job Description :
JOB Description:

6 years experience Developing .NET application which includes developing custom frameworks to aid developers eases their tasks.
C# experience
Relational Database experience
Strong understanding of WCF (windows complication framework or foundation), WPF (windows presentation foundation) design patterns and ability to research and apply newer .NET technology to large scale systems
Ability to set up and configure .NET/LDAP and other infrastructures
Strong ability to diagnose architecture issues such as performance issues, memory leaks and security issues

Additional Knowledge & Skills
Experience working on a medium to large project(s) involving processes and procedures
Superior analytical and problem-solving skills
Effective interpersonal and communication skills
Demonstrated leadership and team-building abilities
Creativity, self-confidence, and flexibility
SQL Server 2005/2008
Collaborative, customer-focused and able to create visible value
Excellent written and verbal communication skills required