Job Description :
Role:Security Project Manager
Duration: +12 Months
Location: Redmond, WA

Job description:
At least 3 to 5 years of Project Management experience in Delivery and resource management.
Track and direct incoming work from TFS, email and direct FTE assignment into the vendor work backlog.
Drive the Security Assurance activities with and ensure defined KPI adherence
Professional and succinct communication to teams both within and outside of Security Assurance.
Conduct regular audits of security work performed, measured against an agreed upon quality bar.
Manage availability of resources to attend security meetings, ensuring a correct skillset
Ensure data hygiene for compliance activity.
Maintain consistent communication with Service Assurance FTE partners to ensure efficiency between work assigned to Supplier and work assigned to FTEs.
Experience in creating dash boards using PowerBI or any similar kind of tools.
Security Assurance Activities:
Meet with feature teams and perform services security reviews of web sites, APIs, and any other form of front end and back end systems.
Understand the features being presented (through threat model, DFD, or general discussion and/or whiteboard)
Manage and assess client security of online and internal presence
smaller activities like security consultation, Foreign Checked In Binaries (FCIB) review/approval of compiled code and others as they arise