Job Description :
Job Desc
Experience with Installation and administration of entire hardware and software products like Tomcat/Apache (Clustered and Standalone environments)
Liaison with Server or Infrastructure teams to provide them with the list of specifications needed to build or upgrade the servers
Expert in effectively administering and supervising the BusinessObjects environment by monitoring/granting permission and rights to users for viewing, creating or publishing contents
Knowledge about BOBJ Security model and experience with BOBJ Security Implementation (Application level, Access level, row level, object level, command level)
Experience in training and supporting end-user needs using BusinessObjects
Experience evaluating the performance of database and other pertinent BOBJ module Services
Experience in performance tuning, identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks at various levels
Experience in optimal configuration of all modules/services
In-depth knowledge of servers and their flow with Experience in monitoring BO servers/services running with optimal performance and tweaking the required parameters
Experience implementing best practices for LCM, Promotion Management and UMT
In-depth knowledge of server tracing and BO_Trace.ini
Well aware about Authorization mechanism and configuration of SAP-Windows AD-LDAP etc
Monitoring the size of BOBJ Install folders: Logging, Data, Filestore and ensuring proper best practices are in place
Managing or assisting in backup during off business hours
Experience using Repository diagnostic tools
Responsible for Scan/Repair and Compact of all repository errors
Responsible for monitoring the growth and clearing the contents in Tomcat cache, Web Intelligence cache, logging folder
Responsible for regular maintenance of BO repository like cleaning orphaned artefacts(connection, universe, documents)
Discuss or resolve performance issues from auditing reports
Assist with best practices needed for scheduled monthly maintenance related to license monitoring, restart of WAS, SIA

Deliverables for BOBJ Admin
Assess the usage scenario of the current deployment and suggest optimization of the current reporting environment
Assist in implementation of required Best Practices and recommendations for optimized parameter settings on the server
Sizing and splitting of required BOBJ Services, to eliminate the errors encountered
Architectural process flow for servers in BI 4.1 (Role and requirement of each service deployed)
Setting and modifying Tomcat memory
Perm Gen Space
Assist in setting probes and process for monitoring of BOBJ install folders, receiving specific alerts
Repair Repository using RDT
Assist in cleaning of orphaned artifacts
Implement Auditing

Knowledge Transition: Provide documentation as SAP KBAs/Notes and impart training to
o Explain all components in BI 4x
oExplain architectural process flow for servers/services in BI 4.1
oExplain cache and cleaning of orphaned artifacts
o Explain how to size processing servers (heapsize, timeout and other required parameters based on business need)