Job Description :
Understand data vendor''s product specification and release/update notes, identify critical/important change, communicate to dev team
Understand product''s business/license requirement, convert to product acceptance criterial and communicate with dev team
For new region/new country, add pipeline dependent local knowledge (Admin mapping & Phone Prefix & Category Mapping) following process.
Understand poi data model and pipeline compilation process
Understand how to evaluate poi content quality and be able to use tool and approach to evaluate content quality.
Proficient on using SQL, familiar with Postgres/PGAdmin
Familiar with Poi Work DB/release DB schema, able to investigate data issue or perform statistics task using sql.
Capable of investigating data related issue, evaluate the impact
Capable of fixing data issue by performing SQL repair on final DB
Familiar with grouping problem, Understand Grouping approach basic, be able to investigate single cases and evaluate grouping quality
Familiar with incremental problem, be able to evaluate incremental content quality