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IA - IWD - AA2 - Application Architect
In Person Only
Duration: 1 Year
Location: Des Moines, IA
Due to Client: October 20

The Applications Architect (AA) is the functional expert for an application, a defined set of applications or a portfolio of related applications.

Responsibilities of the developer will include:
· Evaluate, develop, and integrate iUS code into new and existing IWD environments; Coordinate with network/database administrators for system management;
· Communicate directly with business staff for system design and testing;
· Provide testing and quality assurance processes;
· Create technical documentation for transition to maintenance;
· Provide technical training to IWD development staff as required.
· Demonstrate strong SQL knowledge and application to support complex business logic
· Perform design and customization of web application: interpreting specifications, developing program code, and integrating database.
· Ensure successful integration with existing system: programming code, business logic, and database.
· Analyze and coordinate with IWD IT staff for system management processes: code deployment; system configuration, performance and security; network management; capacity planning; and disaster recovery.
· Coordinate and communicate directly with business and technical staff for business logic, system specifications and testing.
· Analyze complex business operations to adapt to automation.
· Create technical system documentation for transition to ongoing in-house maintenance.
· Provide technical training to staff as required.
Required Skills:
C# Programming Language – 10 years
SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014 – 8 years
Visual Studio 2005 – 2015 – 10 years
AGILE Scrum Software Development – 5 years

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