Job Description :
Experience (Years) 8-10
Essential Skills • ALE Interface – Develop ALE .
ALE Interface – Develop ALE interface between two SAP system consist of the following objects .
o Material
o Document info record o Provide necessary reporting requirements The interface needs to be bi directional or as agreed during the blue printing.
Engineering Workflows Requirement –
o Develop engineering change management workflows and if necessary enhance the standard SAP workflow to meet business requirement.
o Provide necessary reporting requirements
DMS – establish document management system with content server. Enable transfer of data from one SAP content server to another SAP content server with required check in and check out functionality.
o Establish proper classification/ structuring of the documents in consultation with business. To enable compilation / printing of the documents by any of the parameters.
o Solution should handle very complex and high volume requirement.
o Necessary mass processing functions should be put in place to enable ease of processing.
o Provide necessary reporting requirements
General requirements for the project for all objects o Provide required documentation o Conduct Internal and external testing per project plan
o Travel per project requirement
o Training to the Business
o Interaction with Business and any third party for requirement / detailing/ clarification independently in alignment with SM and PM
Mass BOM copy o Multilevel Mass BOM copy functionality for different types of BOM with some of the major functionality required but not limited to
§ Drag and drop
§ Merging of BOMs
§ Splitting of BOMs.
Managing day to day operations of the project
Efficient communication skill
Team leader and able to motivate
Ability to work with remote teams
Handle customer escalations promptly
Self driven and result oriented.
Executes the design, development, testing and documentation of programs, custom reports and lay-out sets.
Responsible for the development of add-ons (such as reports, user exits, interfaces, layouts) according to the specification developed and or agreed by Solution Manager/Architects” also, “Keeping of standards that are defined by organization.
Assisting in effort estimations (incase working on enhancements) based on specification of the requirements. Providing feedback about the progress of the development
Ability to support IT and business audits
Ability to build and manage effective documentation
Ability to test and support business testing as per defined test management processes.
Understanding of programming concepts and productivity tools