Job Description :
Involved in estimating the number of Servers needed as per the environment bases.
Involved in the capacity planning for various environments.
Developed the Functional and the Technical Design Document based on the environment.
Created new Environments like DEV, SIT, UAT & PROD in Linux Servers.
Installed all the latest TIBCO Products as part of the Upgrade in all the Servers
Configured EMS in Fault Tolerance mode in all the Environments.
Configured TIBCO Admin in different environments like creating Domain, Adding the machines to the Domain.
Installed, configured and migrated Business connect to 6.x from 5.x.
Created new Guideline schemas for EDI X12 and TEXT by using the FORESIGHT EDISIM.
Configured ADB Adapter, People Soft Adapter with publisher services.
Configured BC in both single server mode and DMZ mode.
Responsible for preparing deployment artifacts and trouble shoot the deployment issues.
Configured Policy Agent and Policy Manager in Higher environments like UAT & PROD for the security purpose.
Developed the interface, which we are used to integrate with the TIBCO MDM to fetch the related data from the repositories using the SOAP UI.
Installed the latest B.E software on Linux and windows machine in all the environments and configured the same.
Responsible for unit testing, Support the Integration testing in SIT, UAT & PROD environments.
Created the hawk rules to monitor the deployed BW services and also to start and stop using the scripts.
Worked on Re-architecting the EMS configurations from different file shares for Ex (NFSV4)/VCFS(SAN)
Involved in 24/7 Prod support related to the environmental issues.