Job Description :
Job Title: IBM IGC Expert

Location: Dallas, TX

Duration: 6+Months

Job Description:

Successful candidate has important knowledge and skills necessary to professionally
design, populate, maintain and consume an Information Governance Catalog solution
that accurately represents the metadata of the enterprise.

* Establish a common business language and manage business perspectives about information
and align those views with the IT perspective.

* Must be aware about defining Catalog Permissions- Define Users, Roles and Access

* Create and Manage Workflow

* Explore glossary assets, information assets and external assets as well as stewards,
blueprints, and other catalog content Enhance existing metadata with descriptions
and associations

* Configure and execute Data and Business Lineage
* Maintain Import-Export and data connections to the databases

* Differentiate between Business, Technical and Operational Metadata
* Design and Build category hierarchy for business vocabulary and governance policies

* Design, configure and produce custom lineage reports and trace lineage from jobs
and databases to business intelligence reports

* Create extended data sources and mappings