Job Description :
Information Security Engineer
Denver, Colorado

Information security (IS) engineers will collect, review, evaluate and interpret data;
diagnose normal and abnormal patterns; develop and implement security rules and policies; diagnose and troubleshoot problems; solve problems; and design and implement solutions based on security principals, best practice and existing technologies. Engineers may also configure, maintain and install equipment; develop or modify source code; write scripts; harden or secure applications or databases; or respond to and resolve information security incidents depending on their area of specialty. All engineering specialties may also plan, implement, evaluate, review and status projects involving information security solutions in their specialty area. They document their work or the work of others on their projects.

Engineers must be able to clearly communicate and escalate problems, issues and solutions to technical and non-technical audiences alike using verbal, written and graphical communication. They must be able to work on interdisciplinary teams to develop solutions that are integrated across organizational and functional lines.