Job Description :
UI Designers and Net Developer
Location : Rayton , MO
Duration : 6+ months

JD: Skill Listed on Job Description
Required (2 years Minimum on Technical Skills Below):
Overall experience out of college (8 years minimum)
C# or VB.NET (list which one to right)
Business Analyst (gathering own requirements from end usersnot from a BA or PM)
Design User Interfaces from Scratch
Front End Development
Middle Tier Development
% of Work on Front End/Middle Tier/Backend in last 3 years

UX Design
Web Services Integration,
Service Oriented Architecture,
Angular 2.0
Workflow documents using Enterprise Architect

From the manager:
60% of this job is front end UI work. The rest is middle tier and backend. Mostly middle tier
Person will have to gather 100% of their own requirements and give solid examples of how they have done this in the past, process they did it, possibly prototyping or other methods to get the information correct. What tools they used etc?

Doing full life cycle, development of new code not modifying existing code or doing support.
They need to offer up solutions, not just answer questions. (this is called being engaged in a conversation and solution minded They need to gather their own requirements, not rely on BA’s or PMs to give them the design or the requirements documents. This is a small 23 person IT shop. The person has to do it all!

Combo of Sr. UI Developer and Business Analyst, “get it done” personality, offering up solutions even when they are not asked during the interview, “A” type personality this is what you are looking for. You are not looking for a “heads down coder” or someone who just sits back and gets requirements and then codes them. You want someone with a lot of energy that speaks clearly. The lady they wanted had 8 years overall experience out of college and offered up solutions during the interview after they covered scenarios with her. Developed UI and interfaces from scratch. It was her personality and comm skills that got her the offer.

The majority of our code base is in VB.Net. We do have some code in C#, but all new code should be written in VB. It does not take long to transition the syntax knowledge from C# to VB, so I will not require prior usage as long as they have been in .Net for at least 2 years.