Job Description :
Serenity Infotech direct client Uses PeopleSoft HRM v9.1 as its HR system. TWC uses the following modules: HR, Base Benefits, Recruit, Training, and Payroll. TWC uses an Oracle database and AIX servers.

Client would like an experienced PeopleSoft HR consultant to help identify how the agency can use the PeopleSoft HR system to automate processes currently manually done by the Human Resources division. Worker will augment TWC’s PeopleSoft technical and functional teams to help identify and implement PeopleSoft HR processes (as is or with modification) to automate work in order to reduce the amount of manual work the HR department is currently doing.


Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
10 Experience implementing/upgrading PeopleSoft ERP systems
2 Functional and technical support to implement, upgrade or maintain PeopleSoft HRM version 9.1.
1 Implementing/upgrading or maintaining the PeopleSoft HR system (CHAPS) at the Texas Workforce Commission.