Job Description :
PHP Developer with a SOLID Oracle Background
NYC (Must be local for a Direct F2F interview)
18 Months

Client requires an experienced consultant to perform various aspects of PHP encompassing design of display and action pages, connection with databases, reports, establishment and maintenance of a suitable development environment, coordination with application developers and support of both development and production web environments.

1) Skills in PHP administration, design and programming directed mainly toward application development. Included in particular are:
Expertise in PHP and advanced web form techniques and practices.
Understanding of PHP syntax and application design.
Experience in web site layout and web page design, incorporating user interface, PHP and database processing and security.
Skills in data manipulation into and out from Oracle table, including import to, export from diverse external structures, creation and support of interfaces with Oracle and non-Oracle databases.
Programming experience with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, XSLT, Crystal Reporting, DHTML, PHP and Oracle.
Working knowledge of Windows 7, TOAD database development tool and Crystal Reports 14.
Assist Client IT staff with learning how to develop and implement web forms, PHP Web Services.
Provide additional technical assistance with custom development and support activities as directed by the designated client IT Project Manager.
Provide user-application and in-code documentation, as well as higher level system flow documentation of all modules.

2) Skills in all phases of project / application design, development, testing, quality assurance and implementation. This includes familiarity with modification of existing applications and response to mid-course corrections and changes in project requirements.
2) The candidate should possess a minimum of 7 years experience coding in PHP and associated technologies.
3) Ideally, the candidate will possess some understanding of transportation terminology and practices.