Job Description :
Database Lifecycle Management (NEED 3 PEOPLE) NON LOCAL OKAY

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Duration: 6 Months+
Interview: Phone, Possible in person
Rate: Negotiable

Database Lifecycle Management
1. Expertise in understanding and executing the full Database Lifecycle Management process.
2. Can effectively communicate pros and cons for State vs Migration vs Hybrid driven approach
3. Can effectively assess a specific project / environment in determination of proper delivery approach
4. Has used various tool sets ReadyRoll, DBUP, Roundhouse, Fluentmigration, etc
5. Is familiar with Visual Studio Team Services and Octopus deployment environments
6. Evangelizes everyone to maintain their own local database for development

Can walk through scenarios explaining strategies and implement use cases in a DLM CI (Continuous Integration) environment to include:
1. Happy path everyone developing in parallel with no conflicts and automated unit test passes
2. Issue path dealing with conflicts and merging, or failed automated unit tests
3. Branching / Merging Feature and version branching - how to deal with multiple versions of a database, and merging back together in master
4. Rebasing cutting down the number of revisions scripts - when and how to combine multiple versions scripts
5. Deployment across different environments Dev, QA, Staging(UAT), Prod
6. Deployment across different versions customer 1 @v1.3, customer 2 @v2.5, customer 3 @v9.0
7. Handling a failed deployment

Database Architecture
To provide expertise in:
1. Strategies for refactoring / splitting legacy integration database into multiple application databases
2. Strategies for reuse of database deployments across traditional SQL Servers and Azure cloud
3. Automated unit testing
4. Automated performance testing
5. Performance profiling

Additional Notes:
A MCDBA (or equivalent experience in SQL Server
Well versed in all aspects of the SDLC, especially change management.
Has experience in QA and performance profiling.
Experience in both locally hosted and Azure DB instances.

Looking forward for your response.