Job Description :
In this role, the candidate will:
Install, configure, deploy, automate, monitor, and optimize the performance of a MicroStrategy 9.x/10.x application in Linux and Windows platforms.
Develop, implement, and test disaster recovery strategy and mechanisms for MicroStrategy architecture.
Performance Tune Intelligent Server, and Web Server for best results.
Submit and manage issues and enhancement cases with MicroStrategy for administration/environment related items.
Develop mechanisms and automation for deploying MicroStrategy projects and configuration changes across the various environments
Manage repository metadata for the physical, business model mapping and presentation layers.
Assist Network and Server teams with necessary logs when needed for troubleshooting issues.

In order to be successful in this role, we expect that qualified candidates will bring the following skills, experience, and attributes to the job:
5+ years of Microstrategy Administration in installation, configuration, upgrading of software (server/client) components in enterprise network environments.
4+ years of Disaster recovery strategy and mechanisms for MicroStrategy architecture.
2+ years of Narrowcast Server installation, configuration, upgrade and troubleshooting.
4+ years of Capacity planning and management
In-depth technical understanding of systems infrastructure equipment such as servers and storage systems, software including server operating systems, server virtualization platforms and disaster recovery tools.
Ability to reason logically and creatively; to learn and utilize new technologies; to clearly communicate ideas and recommendations; and, to write clear, and concise reports.

Desired Skills/Certifications:
MicroStrategy Certified Administrator