Job Description :
Role : Android developer
Location: Alameda, CA
Job Type : Fulltime

Fix bugs in the LibreLink US software, using the Bugzilla ticketing system. They will be assigned bugs , must fix the bugs with minimal side-effects. The size of the bug list is unknown, but it is expected that many of the bugs will be in the UI layer of the Android app.

understanding bug reports, and identifying root cause of issues in existing software. Able to intuitively assess what types of fixes have the least risk of side-effects. Able to extrapolate bug reports and ensure that similar non-reported issues are also fixed.

Level of Supervision:
bug fixes will be reviewed; must be able to work autonomously in most cases, since the time zone difference limits our ability to have discussions regarding the issues. Developer-level English reading and writing, since email and Bugzilla will be primary modes of communication. Mid to senior level abilities in Android programming, with prior experience using RxJava and Dagger.