Job Description :
Minimum 10 to 20 Years of Experience.
Scope of Work:
The scope of effort includes all items identified below. The candidate needs to have a Good-level working knowledge of the storage management software and tools identified within.
Drive architecture roadmap, reference architecture and standard efforts. Provide leadership in all technical aspects of assigned projects, programs and portfolios
Architect complex end-to-end solutions across distributed, host and business intelligence environments
This task requires expert-level experience in mainframe storage-infrastructure design and programming on Online Transaction Processing database management-based systems and the ability to develop complex software to satisfy design objectives. This task also requires the ability to: (1) analyze functional business applications and design specifications for functional activities; (2) develop block diagrams and logic flowcharts; (3) translate detailed designs into computer software; (4) develop and perform test/debug functions; (5) refine computer software to produce the required product; and (6) participate in the documentation of systems, infrastructures, and procedures.
Work Experience Knowledge Skills & Abilities:
Functional experience is required with the following technologies:
? Oracle VSM-6 and VLE Virtual tape Libraries
? Oracle Key Manager (OKM) with Key Management Appliance (KMA)
? StreamLine SL8500s Library System
? Microsoft Office (Word Power Point Excel) Outlook Project Visio
? IBM z/OS 2.1 Storage Management System (SMS) and Interactive Storage Management Facility (ISMF)
? IBM z/OS 2.1 Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) and Aggregate Backup Recovery Software (ABARS)
? IBM z/OS 2.1 Job Control Language (JCL)
? IBM z/OS 2.1 Time Sharing Option (TSO) Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF)
? IBM z/OS 2.1 Command List (CLIST) and Restructured Execution Executive (REXX)
? IBM z/OS 2.1 Device Support (ICKDSF) Dataset Utilities and Access Method Services (IDCAMS)
? BMC Mainview Storage Resource Manager (SRM) StopX37 and Automated Operator
? Good Skills in configuring and managing HITACHI VSP ARRAY
? Computer Associates Vantage
? Oracle / STK Enterprise Library Software (ELS)
? Sun Solaris on KMA
? Oracle ASR
? Oracle StorageTek Library Console (SLC)
? Oracle Virtual Operator Panel (VOP)
? Library Content Manager (LCM)
? Dino Software T-Rex Catalog Management
? Rocket Software Backup Recover Manager (BRM)
? IBM DB2 Image Copies
? IBM z/OS 2.1 Data Facility Dataset Services (DFDSS)
? Innovation Fast Dump Restore (FDR)
? Innovation FDRPAS Data Migration Tool
? Rocket Software Data Backup Supervisor (DBS)
? Chicago-Corp Quikref.
The access methods in use include:
? Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM)
? Basic Sequential Access Method (BSAM)
? Queued Sequential Access Method (QSAM)
? Basic Partitioned Access Method (BPAM)
? Object Access Method (OAM)
? Unix File Services
The communication protocols in use include:
? Mainframe FICON
? Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) / Internet protocol suite (IP) from PC applications
? TCP/IP between Mainframe appliances
? PuTTY w/ TCP/IP to DLm
? MS/Internet Explorer w/TCP/IP to DLm, VNX, DD990