Job Description :
Job Description
Scope of activities:
Familiarity with Linux systems (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu) and proficiency with command line syntax and shell scripting
Determine server capabilities for peak times
Write custom PHP plugins for WordPress
Use git to push, pull, merge, cherrypick your workflow and WordPress theme
Run a front end workflow using NodeJS, Grunt/GULP, and SASS
Use ReactJS and JSON to serve up content to the front end
Implement and test Google Analytics/GTM events on site
Implement Optimizely and Google Analytics A/B tests on variations of the site including swapping out text, styling, and images
Implementing pixel-perfect, responsive WordPress theme from PSD or AI mockups
Use the latest ES6 JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 technologies to implement new features into site

Expertise in Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS) and Apache server
Proficient with Command Line
Solid understanding of PHP and Backend WordPress
Strong technical and analytical skills
Experience with ES6/7 JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5, SASS
Has a good understanding of GIT workflow
Ability to work within tight deadlines and flexible enough to make quick adjustments
Strong attention to detail
Works well in a small team of creative

Understands functional programming
Has experience with JavaScript frameworks (ReactJS/AngularJS)
Has implemented your own Grunt/Gulp front end workflow
Is familiar with NodeJS
Is familiar with integrating RESTful services

5 years minimum of development experience
Four Year Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
Knows PHP, ES6 JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, SASS, WordPress, NodeJS, ReactJS, REST, Google Analytics