Job Description :
1. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
Planning Business Analysis Approach
Documenting Key Assumptions
Conducting Stakeholder Analysis
Planning Business Analysis Activities
Planning Business Analysis Communication
Managing Issues, Risks, and Requirements
Planning Requirements Management Process
Monitoring and Reporting Requirements Activities
Managing Change

2. Elicitation
Preparing for Elicitation
Elicitation Techniques
Recording Elicitation Results
Confirming Elicitation Results

3. Requirements Management and Communications
Managing Solution Scope and Requirements
Managing Requirements Traceability
Communicating Requirements
Maintaining Requirements for Reuse
Resolving Conflicts
Gaining Formal Approval
Base lining Requirements
Tracking Requirements through to Implementation

4. Enterprise Analysis
Assessing Business Architecture
Assessing Business Capabilities and Gaps
Feasibility Studies
Determining the Solution Approach
Defining Solution Scope
Identifying the Business Need
Gathering Enterprise Information
Developing Project Objectives
Developing Business Cases

5. Requirements Analysis
Documenting and Analyzing Business, Stakeholder, Functional, and Non-functional Requirements
Modeling the Business Domain (Process Diagrams, Flow Charts, Data Models)
Exploring Behavior Models (Use Case, Storyboards, User Profiles)
Prioritizing and Organizing Requirements
Managing Assumptions, Constraints, and Risks
Verifying and Validating Requirements

6. Solution Assessment and Validation
Assessing the Proposed Solution
Assessing Organization Readiness
Defining Transition Requirements
Evaluating Alternate Solutions
Developing Quality Assurance Processes
Supporting Through Implementation
Conducting Post-Implementation Reviews

7. Underlying Competencies
Establishing the Knowledge and Competencies for Effective Business Analysis
Behavioral Characteristics and Leadership Skills
Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
Communication Skills
Business Knowledge
Interaction Skills
Software Applications Skills