Job Description :
Position Description:
*ITI/RRS The Mainframe Network Engineering Specialist evaluates and manages all mainframe network solutions, including:

TCP/IP Protocols (e.g. TN3270, FTP, SSH, HTTP, OSPF)
Mainframe Network Connections and Integration (OSA Ports, Cisco Switches)
SNA, APPN, DLSW, SNA Switch and Enterprise Extender
M/F Network software products (e.g. ZOS Communications Server, ODEX, Connect Direct, XMITIP, Tectia SFTP)
Network monitoring solutions (e.g. Implex, Netview, Omegeman)
Network security (authentication, SSL connections, certificate management)
Remote Printing solutions (e.g. VPS) Most work being done in M/F Engineering will be project related, with a charter, project plan, resource planning and a business case. All team members need a good understanding and experience with the SDM project management process.


Design fully redundant IP configuration
Optimize Network performance on the mainframe (Hypersockets)
Support migration to new mainframe hardware technology and new data centers
Select and POC new global network tools (monitoring, data transfer, disaster recovery, remote Printing)
Project Lead for the upgrade and evaluation of Mainframe Network Projects.
Network modernization, (e.g. remove SNA/BDT)
Implement secure network connections (e.g. OpenSSH, secure TN3270, HTTPS)
Creation of an isolated network for remote DR testing The Mainframe Network Specialist will independently lead mainframe Network Projects. This will include writing the scope, business case and project plan and finally coordinating the POC and implementation of the solution.