Job Description :
Role: Network Engineer
Duration: +6 Months
Location: Bay Area or at Austin, Tx and Ashburn (Washington DC)

Job description:
While working in Network OPS, our job duties are to maintain a eet of network devices, circuits between Datacenters and POP sites. Maintaining the eet requires to monitor, react, respond, trou- bleshoot and x the alerts, alarms and issues in various network devices and circuits including but not limited to Cisco, Juniper, Arista switches and routers. It requires regular interaction with ISPs, datacenter techs, third party techs in co-location/POP sites.


? Need good people with Spanish writing and speaking skills Spanish writing and speaking skills
? Troubleshooting the routing protocols like BGP, OSPF etc. and work with the ISPs and inter- nal teams to resolve the issues.
? Troubleshooting the issues related to bundle con gurations in Cisco, Juniper, Arista etc de- vices.
? Troubleshoot and repair local and long haul circuits, working with both internal resources and 3rd party vendors to isolate and resolve cabling issues.
? Use internal software, tools, and scripts to con gure, monitor, troubleshoot and repair net- work equipment
? Perform queue management for alarms, tasks, and incidents and participate in ongoing de- ployment projects
? Creating new RMA requests through OEM vendors for both replacement devices, as well as obtaining technical assistance when troubleshooting devices.
? Troubleshooting network link/device hardware/con guration issues, isolating the problem, xing the problem
? Troubleshoot, tracing, loop back testing of links to locate the physical issue.
? Install, con gure and support large-scale production and corporate network infrastructureincluding routers, switches, console servers and optical transport equipment.
? Troubleshooting problems with optical network infrastructure devices, ber cables, Optical interfaces (SFPs/ CFPs),
? Troubleshoot network hardware and software, working with 3rd party hardware vendors and suppliers on root cause analysis and resolution.
? Log management, providing the required logs to principal TAC team members.
? Verify capacity, draining tra c, suppressing alarms before replacing; optics, line cards, sup cards.
? Schedule and perform network maintenance, repair, and upgrade tasks as needed while limit- ing the impact on the production network
? Tracking, maintaining and updating asset inventory of defective and replacement parts.
? Complete ownership and follow-ups to resolve the issues till the task closure.
? Team work and delegation within the team for the tasks closure.
? Issue tracking/ weekly reports/ monthly reports.
? Working with client management for any process improvement.
? Good documentation and presentation skills.