Job Description :
All the required details are mandatory. In case you are not willing to provide us these details. Kindly pass.

Full Name of the consultant as per passport

Full Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)

Phone Number

Email ID

Current Location


Billing rate

Availability in 3 Time slots

Visa status

Attach H1B/GC/EAD Copy (MandatoryIgnore if Citizen)

Attach Photo id & Skype id(Mandatory)

Passport Number or Copy

Years of Experience

Highest Degree (Education), University & Location

Year of Completion

Job Title: Java Developer
Primary Skills: Given in the JD
Bill Rate: MAX $40-45/hr C2C
Location: Tampa, FL
Duration: 1 Year + Extension possible
No. of Positions: 2
Position Type: Contract

Java Developer

No of years of experience : 7-8

Mandatory Skills: J2EE, Oracle