Job Description :
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Job title: Associate Delivery Specialist - Oracle DBA
Location: Maryland Heights , MO (remote)
Duration: 4+ Months

Job description:

Project Assumptions:
Customer has 7 VMAX storage frames that require decommission and data erasure in order to be returned.
Customer would like to complete this migration effort by the end of 2016, in order to avoid additional maintenance costs on those frame.
Customer requires additional staffing in their DBA and System Administration groups to complete this effort in the desired timeframe.
Customer has stated their need is to obtain support to get the servers prepped with the new storage that the Storage Team assigns to it, move any OS related data and then hand them over to the DBA’s to move the databases.
Customer Operations Team will coordinate with application owners or business owners and will assign someone from their staff to be responsible for each of the storage frames and would provide direction to candidate in migration.
Customer will be migrating VMWare leveraging Vmotion and has not requested a need for support in this effort.
The required resources will be specifically focused on the Bare Metal ( non VM ) servers.

Implementation Specialist:
Personnel or authorized agents (Personnel) shall work with Customer’s staff to perform the services specified. Client shall provide the services of 8 Data Migration Specialists both onsite and remote to provide the following Services at the direction and under the quality control of Customer.
Assists the Customer with the transitional responsibilities related to the post-implementation management, migration support, and knowledge transfer at the Customer site(s) to support the migration of data from the VMAX environment.
Provide support to perform migration of non-production, test and production data at the Customer’s direction.
Provide post migration support, configuration assistance
Assist with verification of data integrity, data migration and validate the data migration completion.
Review the Enterprise Storage migration testing requirements with the Customer-assigned resource(s
Provide the Customer with the applicable documentation.
Perform necessary support in accordance with the client and Customer’s change management policies.
This team of resources will also have the skills to support the host environments of Windows and Linux and the ability to migrate data from Oracle and SQL environments.

Solaris 10 w/ Veritas Volume Manage
Migrate data by using VxVM add new disks, initialize, add to disk group, create mirror plex, disassociate old plex, remove old plex, disassociate from disk group, uninitialize
I would assume they are using Veritas Mulit-path
Red Hat/Centos 5, 6, 7
Some native LVM migrations (handful)
Some file copy migrations (handful)
Native Multipath but a small # of Ppath mostly on the older 5.x boxes
Oracle (Linux) -
Need RAC and Goldengate experience
11GR2, 12C
ASM Migrations need to be able to map the ASM volumes to the SAN Disks, process to copy the data from old to new
Windows and SQL
2008 R2, 2008, 2012
SQL 2012, 2014
Preferred method would be SAN migration Open replicator needs to be validated that override is possible or get a temp license for OR push. Alternative would be host copy which would be time consuming. Not sure we support HDS with OR Push.
Native MPIO
~800 Servers
50/50 split between business hours and after hours
SQL and Windows onsite in WC, Oracle and Linux Remote

Client : Confidential