Job Description :
Day-to-day technology stack
UI: Angular.js (1.5+), LESS, CSS3, HTML5, & various JS libraries (lodash.js, jQuery, d3.js, etc
Dependencies are upgraded on a regular basis
QA: Jasmine Unit Tests, Protractor.js E2E Tests
DevOps: Grunt, Git, Stash, Jenkins
Tools: SourceTree, WebStorm, OS X, command line usage, Rally, Confluence, Browser Developer Tools (Firebug, Chrome DevTools, etc)
Browsers: (evergreen) Chrome, Firefox, Safari. IE9–11. Mobile Safari & Mobile Chrome

Strong experience with JS, Angular.js, and either underscore.js or lodash.js
Experience with Angular.js 1.5 or above
Minimum 6-12 months of Angular experience in the past year
Experience with CSS3 and either LESS or SASS
Experience with HTML5
Experience with Jasmine or Mocha unit testing
Experience supporting multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Safari
Experience with Git version control, and fork-pull Git flow.
Familiarity with responsive web development – phone/tablet, supporting mobile browsers.
Familiarity with Grunt or Gulp, Lodash.js or Underscore.js
Familiarity with e2e testing (Protractor.js)