Job Description :
· Coordinate and oversee all releases into SmashFly''s production environment

· Drive process improvements throughout the project cycle and release process, encouraging standardization, consistency, repeatability, and predictability

· Coordinate and assist real-time monitoring to ensure stability of SmashFly software systems

· Proactively investigate issues to eliminate recurrence

· Produce and analyze performance and problem reports on a regular basis to assist engineers with troubleshooting and software improvement

· Build tools to automate the generation of reports for real-time and stored data

· Build / maintain tools to automate the processes that introduce change to the environment.

· Assist with problem resolution and debugging (including code-level debugging)

· Establish processes and procedures for development teams to utilize when releasing applications into production, ensuring the integrity of the production environment

· Communicate release information effectively to team members and release stakeholders

· Provide coordination and oversight of the production environment following a release to ensure issues are addressed in a timely manner

· Work with Software Engineers to correlate production issues to recent releases

· Participate in planning discussions with teams in