Job Description :
Splunk server configurations (web, indexing retention, authentication, etc
Splunk data onboarding operations (inputs, SQL, index-time configurations)
Splunk data parsing operations (search-time field extractions, eventtypes, tags)
Manage existing application and create new applications (visual and non-visual)
Maintain documentation including: what work has been done, what is left to do, and site-specific procedures documenting the Splunk environment.
Create event processing
Manage timestamps
Create indexes for field extractions
Create and manage host values and source types
Parse event segmentation
Manage and ensure proper data fields for file and directory inputs
Manage network, Windows and any other inputs that may arise (universal forwarders

Job Requirements:
Mastery of UNIX/Linux configuration to directly support Splunk
Expert knowledge of Splunk administration
Strong analytical skills.
Knowledge of established industry best practices.
Experience with Regular Expression
Excellent written and verbal skills
Recent experience in an enterprise Splunk environment
Experience in Red hat Linux
Ability to manage Splunk indexers including index storage
Working experience in troubleshooting in a Splunk Enterprise environment