Job Description :
Job Title: Cloud Architect / Implementation Engineer
Location: Midtown, NYC
Job Type: Contract
Duration: Long Term

The Cloud Architect will be part of a team that has a focus on cloud based hosted solutions for externally facing sites and services.
The cloud architecture team manages the design of dynamic infrastructure that meets the needs of the product and software development groups to build robust, secure and cost-effective solutions.
The Cloud Architect will be a key contributor in a rapidly changing field that balances the need to offer a standardized platform while introducing new paradigms of cloud technology.
Key technologies:
Nginx, Haproxy, Apache, wsgi
git, gitflow
Python web frameworks such as Flask, Django
Unit testing using frameworks such as unittest
Understanding of test automation tools such as Selenium
APM tools such as NewRelic
AWS: at least 3+ years
Docker: 1+ years
Thorough understanding of TCP, IP and HTTP
Understanding of network security and various encryption standards
Able to configure and tune web servers
Thorough understanding of Linux and reasonable knowledge on the Linux Kernel
asic understanding of puppet and SCM tools
Development languages:
Python : at least 6+ years experience
Go : 1+ years
JavasSript frameworks such as Bootstrap, Angularjs
HTML5 and templating frameworks
Basic understanding of Bash and scripting
Must have an understanding of modular applications and OOP
Boto SDK and other cloud tools such as Terraform
Json, Yaml, and REST frameworks
Can independently lead projects
Experience working with geographically diverse teams
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Creative thinker who can devise solutions for complex problems and prioritize requirements