Job Description :
Role: Solution Architect
Duration: 12+ months
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Description
Project: Clinical Genomics Pipeline Project, Enterprise Analytics (EA) is in process of working with a Molecular Genetic Pathology (MGP) laboratory, as well as, Women’s Hospital Genetic laboratory along with other internal and external laboratories to provision robust and integrated lab test service offering for other genetic labs.
To this end, EA has launched the Clinical Genomics Pipeline program to define, quantify, design and implement the necessary technologies, processes/procedures and organizational models to ensure the hospital provides the best overall genetic services in the most cost-effective manner, for the future.
Senior-level Solutions Architect (IT Resource) to participate, on a consulting basis, on our vision/strategies, our design, and various other aspects of this overall program to ensure the hospital gets the best possible return on its investment in this area.
To address the Solutions Architecture requirements of the Enterprise Analytics Program, a Senior Solutions Architect will be dedicated to the Program.
In the current EA organizational model, there are several individuals, groups and teams, each focused inwardly on specific technical component areas of each endeavor that EA undertakes.
The Solutions Architect is the senior-level technical role that is constantly looking end-to-end (E2E) across all of the individual components of each proposed solution, ensuring that it will all work cohesively to meet the overall business needs.
The solution architect aligns primarily with EA’s business application software layer component technologies, (which end- users/business clients directly interact with), maintaining E2E perspective by orchestrating solution requirements/design aspects across all technical disciplines included in the overall business solution.
The solution architect maintains technical responsibility for the overall solution design and associated architectural concerns by coordinating/collaborating with other architects that are typically responsible for only a portion of the solution.
Ensuring technical design that spans all e2E concerns from data source to EDW loads.
Orchestrating the Design review and Approval process for all technical changes within EA
Documenting/maintaining overall EA-EDW architectures, descriptive information and related documentation, provided by others or developed themselves
technical guidance for current-state and future-state aspects within each EA project development effort and/or change activity.
Providing consulting support for technologies that EA-EDW is dependent on or interfaces with, in some manner
Providing senior level managers and leadership with technical recommendations and information to support decision-making
Providing technical liaison with enterprise technology standards committees, support team and others, ensuring EA maintains alignment across the hospital enterprise, industry standards and best-practices.

Architect will provide the following general consulting services:
Assist hospital lab management teams in establishing the necessary short-term and long term vision for our genetic laboratories.
Assist hospital architecture and engineering teams in selecting available vendor products.
Attendance in key meetings organized by the hospital/CGP Program leadership and/or management teams. Lead technical architecture and design efforts, for the E2E solution.
Share industry knowledge with hospital’s team members and staff, such as
Architectural tooling and reference materials
Best practices for solution architecture
Other as required

Required Skillsets and Qualifications of a successful candidate must include:
At least 5 years of experience functioning as Solution or Enterprise Architect.
Business and Solutions Modeling
Data Application and Services Design
Gap Analysis
Systems Integration
Consensus Building
Leadership Guiding diverse teams
Enterprise Application and Systems Architecture Deliverables
Whiteboard exercises outlining genetic testing technical vision and strategies
Descriptions, workflow maps, reference data sources and/or design specifications outlining industry best-practices, standards and/or guidelines for solution architecture
Development, review and consensus building for hospitals Clinical Genomic architectures, designs, technical specifications and related technical artifacts.
Contribution of hospital’s CGP program requirements and scope, as necessary to produce the best-in- class Clinical genomic solution for hospital.
Contribution to presentation materials specific to technical matters for discussion/decision-making by Clinical Genomic Governance/leadership teams