Job Description :
Title: Senior Data Steward
Duration: 14 Months
Location: San Diego CA 92122

The Senior Data Steward plays a key role in supporting content management, by implementing and managing content quality processes, organization, and content governance. The Senior Data Steward designs, implements, and enforces processes and services for content management, content integration, and content compliance. S/He integrates business needs with technical and process solutions, rather than focused solely on technical solutions.

S/He plans definitions, structure, documentation, long-range requirements, operational guidelines and governance. The Senior Data Steward ensures accuracy and completeness of data in files (such as Word, PPT, PDFs, Excel) and metadata tags. S/He establishes and maintains security and integrity controls. S/He formulates and monitors policies, procedures and standards relating best content management practices. S/He proposes and implements enhancements that will improve the performance and reliability of the system.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
Design and document best practices for content entry. Map data flows to support business operations.
Document and maintain content definitions, ownership, and quality rules.
Monitor quality of content and make sure that quality issues are identified, documented, and prioritized. Train content contributors with a range of expertise on the importance of following good data-entry and management processes.
Act as gatekeeper, ensuring that all files are correctly named, tagged, and categorized before they are published.
Manage libraries and other sales, marketing, and support content.
Support product life cycle management of content.
Perform manual content conversion. Cleanse, enrich, and consolidate data.
Keep metadata tags and content filters up to date.
Perform regular content cleansing and audits. Report on trends in compliance and content health. Fix content issues.
Work with other departments to make sure that employees understand how to use the content-management system properly to drive best-in-class business practices.
Work with Marketing, Sales, and Support to identify content and process gaps.
Implement a regular closed-loop feedback method with stakeholders. Identify and share content-management improvement opportunities.
Maintain user confidence and protect operations with confidential information.
Identify system improvements and work with CM team, technical representatives, and other stakeholders to implement and test.
Design processes and tools to make sure that content, taxonomy, and metadata are consistent between systems.
Serve as front-line support for the Content Management team with professionalism to monitor and address customer questions, issues, and requests.

Preferred Educational Background:
BA or equivalent in Information Management, Technical Writing, Communications, or Marketing.

Preferred Experiential Background:
At least 3 years’ experience working in a fast-paced, results-driven environment, while managing multiple projects concurrently.
Good project and time management skills and a demonstrated history of keeping things moving in the face of competing responsibilities.
Strong understanding of content management systems and business users. Focus more on business needs rather than technical capabilities.
Strong critical thinking, analytical, and quantitative skills.
Strong written communication skills and cross-functional relationship building. Good interpersonal skills for gathering input and persuading people to adopt standards, while sustaining working relationships.
Strong professionalism and clearly puts the customer first.
Flexible about adapting standards to diverse user requirements and evolving needs of company.
Innovative ideas about making documents accessible and easy to maintain.
Focused on customer satisfaction.
Detail-oriented, conscientious, fast-paced, and motivated to drive change collaboratively.
Technologically savvy and quick to adopt new tools and processes.