Job Description :
Role: Microsoft Exchange Support
Location: Woodlawn, MD
Duration: Long Term

Required Experience:

* Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and/or 2010- MOST IMPORTANT (2013 strongly=
preferred) including: Design, install, configuration, maintenance, perfor=
mance tuning, migration and upgrades to servers

* Exchange experience in large enterprise environment strongly preferred (5=
000+ users)

* Knowledge of the Active Directory Architecture.
* Knowledge of DNS.


* Microsoft Exchange migration experience
* Knowledge of message routing and collaboration.
* In-depth knowledge of Windows Server 2012 (2008 may be acceptable)
* Permissions experience

* Excellent customer service skills
Note: Will participate in on-call rotation and must be able to work flexib=
le schedule and availability to work after hours and weekends to apply chan=
ges to the email architecture

Scope of Task
The scope of task is to support the Agency''s Electronic Messaging Infrastru=
cture maintaining a stable, secure and highly available email environment.
Sub-Task 1: Messaging Architecture Configuration, Troubleshooting & Support

Purpose: Design and configure the Exchange infrastructure to maintain a sta=
ble, secure and highly available Exchange email environment through close m=
onitoring and careful maintenance to minimize downtime and outages.


* Design and configure Microsoft Exchange infrastructure.
* Provide Internet email connection to Exchange infrastructure.
* Maintain Exchange server build documentation.

* Install and upgrade Microsoft Operating Systems (OS
* Install and upgrade Microsoft Exchange.

* Assist with the design and placement of Exchange servers.
* Design and configure Exchange database architecture.

* Define, configure, and troubleshoot Exchange Administrative and Routi=
ng groups as well as SMTP Connectors.

* Optimize OS to get maximum benefit of hardware.
* Daily administration of Exchange.

* Troubleshoot OS related issues.
* Troubleshoot Exchange related issues when alerted by monitoring softw=

* Monitor and manage log files.
* Monitor and manage disk space.

* Ensure Exchange email infrastructure is available and processing E-ma=

* Schedule server downtime for after hours.
* Interface with Active Directory (AD) staff.

* Configure and implement backup solution for Exchange infrastructure.
* Interface with the Division of Systems User Services and Facilities (=
DSUSF) to ensure Exchange Infrastructure is backed up.

* Maintain a comprehensive Exchange disaster recovery document.
* Assist in implementing message archiving.

* Work with staff to ensure Exchange is available to users 24x7.
* Update existing documentation on how to recover from disk, memory, an=
d system board hardware failures; and how to recover from OS and Exchange d=
atabase software corruption.

* Perform hardware upgrades and patches (bios, firmware upgrades, etc=

* Monitor and manage hardware health.
* Optimize hardware to get maximum benefit of software.
* Provide configuration documentation of the Exchange infrastructure.
* Interface with the vendor technical support.

Sub-Task 2: Messaging Client Support
Purpose: Maintain a stable, secure and highly available Microsoft Outlook c=
lient environment through configuration, maintenance, and technical support=


* Install, upgrade and test Microsoft Outlook client.
* Administer Outlook on a daily basis.

* Troubleshoot and resolve Exchange Mailbox, Distribution Group, or Pub=
lic Folder related issues including CAPRS tickets.

* Troubleshoot and resolve internal, intranet, and virus scanning issue=

* Interface with Active Directory (AD) and Security staff.
* Develop written technical support documents (information, procedures,=
instructions, etc needed for technical and employees who use the E-mail =
system in an standard Microsoft Office Suite format.

Sub-Task 3: Microsoft Exchange Migration Support
Purpose: Plan and execute tasks that entails migration process in a way tha=
t minimally affects end users.


* Assist with design and implementation of a migration process.
* Migrate the Windows OS from the legacy environment to the new environ=
ment (e.g., Windows 2008 to Windows 2013

* Migrate the legacy Exchange environment to the new Exchange environme=
nt (e.g., Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013

* Troubleshoot migration issues.
* Provide post-migration support.

* Schedule server downtime for after hours.
* Support migrations to new Exchange environments, as needed.
Sub-Task 7: e-Mail Security Patch Deployment

Purpose: Ensure that the Agency''s Exchange infrastructure meets security st=
andards mandated by Security staff, Chief Information Officer (CIO), or oth=

er governing body. Every month Microsoft releases security patches and serv=
ice packs that must be deployed to all Exchange servers on short notice.


* Configure servers to comply with Windows and Exchange security requir=

* Test, install, and configure required software (e.g., Microsoft secur=
ity patches, service packs, etc.

* Perform audits to ensure compliance.

* Provide clear communication to staff regarding security patches, ser=
vice packs, etc.

* Interface with systems security staff.

* Document e-Mail problems/resolutions for future reference.