Job Description :
Netezza Developer
Long Term

Required Skills
Minimum 7 Years IT project experience.
Minimum 5 Years Strong understanding of Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, project lifecycle phases; Strong background in RDBMS/DW concepts.
Minimum 5 Years Experience with Optimizer & Query Plans; Materialized Views & Cross Database Access.
Minimum 3 Years Netezza Data Modeling Experience.
Minimum 3 Years Knowledge of NZ SQL & Scripting; NZEvent and Event Processing.
Minimum 2 Years Experience with Netezza nzload, Netezza nz* and nz commands/utilities.
Minimum 2 Years Experience with UNIX scripting.
Need Candidates who have experience with Datastage.
Client is using Datastage as the middleware as that is the tool they will use to move the database from Oracle to Netezza.