Job Description :

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Position: RPG Developer

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Description:

Knowledge of RPG ILE. Concepts of modular programming including Binding directory’s, Modules, and Service programs. Debugging Concepts including STRDBG (Setting break points) and Working with service jobs (STRSRVJOB

Knowledge of SQL including Utilizing embedded SQL in RPGLE programs, DDL structure, and Index structures.

Knowledge of DB2 including Physical Files, Logical files, and Trigger concepts.

Knowledge of IFS

Knowledge of FTP concepts

WEBSPHERE knowledge (optional)

Basic I Series Concepts including General operating system commands (DSFFFD, DSPFD, WRKOBJ, Etc and Work management (WRKACTJOB, DSPSYSSTS, Subsystems, Job routing and JOBQ’s, and Printed Output )

Strong teamwork concept of Developers, SA’s, and Business Area, as well as Positive attitude