Job Description :
Direct End Client: State of Pennsylvania
Job Title: System Administrator 3
Duration: 7 months
Start Date: 11/01/2016
Location: Harrisburg, PA 17128
Position Type: Contract
Interview Type: In Person / Skype
cBiz Requirement ID: SPA_HD629_PT

Required Skills:
Administer & maintain user & group objects in the enterprise Active Directory structure- Required 2 Years
Analyze and resolve problems related to access control- Required 2 Years
Analyze and resolve problems related to operating system security- Required 2 Years
Maintain list of active projects and regularly update status reports for supervisor- Required 2 Years
Experience with 1st level IT security support- Required 2 Years
Experience with written & oral communication skills & customer focus- Required 2 Years
Maintain manual & procedures to document & support the security program- Desired 1 Years
Review system reports to monitor system settings and controls- Desired 2 Years
Administer and maintain IT security in a mainframe environment- Nice to have 1 Years
Assist w/security audits of applications, operating systems, and procedures- Nice to have 1 Years
Administer registry based policies and systems management software- Nice to have 1 Years
Create and manage remote access accounts- Nice to have 1 Years
Administer and configure laptop encryption accounts and software- Nice to have 1 Years

System Administrator 3 (SA3) - 4 to 5 years relevant experience
The System Administrator is responsible for server back up and security, along with performance tuning and capacity planning. System Administrators should possess an understanding of network and distributed computing concepts. This is accomplished by working with the Systems Management Team Lead to understand the scope of services to be provided and assessing the impact they will have on the technical infrastructure.

Role Description:
Solid understanding of networking/distributed computing environment concepts.
Understands principles of routing client/server programming.
Manages expectations at all levels: customers/end users, executive sponsors.
Ensures quality standards are followed.
Understands the business application of technical support and design in an application development environment.
Works with the various Infrastructure teams and operations provider to identify the strategic direction of systems management activities.
Understands the design of consistent network-wide file system layouts
Maintains strong relationships with employees and various tier two and three support groups.
Develops plans for disaster recovery/ back up and archiving.
Manages the daily operations of the systems management team to ensure service levels are being met.
Manages the systems management team’s support issue and backlog.
Monitors the team’s open backlog of support issues and re-assign issues as necessary to ensure they are closed per agreed upon service levels.
Acts as the first level of escalation for high priority support issues.
Responsible for operating and other system software.
Responsible for upgrading the operating and system software and keeping patches current.
Familiarity with fundamental networking/distributed computing environment concepts.
Able to do minimal debugging and modification of programs.
Executes the disaster recovery/back up procedures and archiving procedures.
Manages security for servers.
Responsible for performance tuning, capacity planning, database administration, and fault management.
Provides tier two support of the technical infrastructure.
Coordinating efforts with vendors if tier three support is required.
Responsible for ensuring high priority issues are resolved in a timely manner.
Responsible for keeping the environment up and running.
In many cases is responsible for identifying and reporting hardware problems.
Capable of writing purchase justifications.
Understands basic routing concepts.
Identifies and tracks issues, risks, and action items.
Resolves and/or assists in resolving issues.
Reviews, prioritizes, and researches service requests.
Anticipates and resolves issues specific to the team.
Determines time estimates and schedule for own work and resolve issues in a timely manner.
Familiarity with most basic system administrator tools and process; for example, can boot/shutdown a machine, add and remove user accounts, use back up programs, and maintain system database files.
Maintains the project servers.
Maintains the file and print capacity
Ensures that backups are performed as appropriate.
Acts as a front-line interface to users.
Accepts trouble reports and dispatch them to appropriate system administrators.
Able to write scripts in a particular administrative language.
Programming experience with any applicable language.
Communicates accurate and useful status updates.
Manages and reports time spent on all work activities.
Follows quality standards.
Able to work in a team environment
Completes assigned tasks.
Strong communication skills; both written and spoken

Agency Added:
The individual will be primarily responsible for:
Identity and access management including, but not limited to, the creation, deletion, provisioning and de-provisioning of system access to the Department’s suite of information systems
Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues related to identity and access management at the information, operation system and hardware levels
Provide Tier-1 technical (system/device access) support in response to the Department’s information system user base submitting requests via email, telephone and the Departments’ change request system
Maintain a list of active projects and regularly update status reports for supervisor
Adhering to our confidentiality and code of conduct.
Provide knowledge transfer to state employee Security Administrators where applicable
Assist with administration of VPN accounts and software for remote access when needed
Assist with administration of laptop encryption accounts and software when needed
Assist with security audits of applications, operating systems, and procedures when needed
Complete assigned tasks efficiently, accurately and in a timely manner

In accordance with the terms of Contract No, and the duties of staff augmentation personnel outlined therein, staff augmentation personnel shall provide complete knowledge transfer to the Department of all tasks and projects assigned by the Department. Knowledge transfer includes complete written documentation including systems design, technical design and specifications, and coding to the Department for all tasks and projects to which personnel are assigned.
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