Job Description :
Skill Set : Oracle Database Technology
Work Location : California, US

· 10+ years of experience in Oracle Database Technology with more than 2 years of experience in Database 12c

· Extensive experience with CDB and PDBs of Database 12c

· Experience in optimization strategies towards memory utilization which includes archival techniques and best practices

· Database performance tuning - instance as well as physical access wide

· Experience on Index maintenance, partitioning and statistics management

· Implementation and Support for Cube Structure

· Best Practices for Maintenance, Support and Consistency - support perspective

· Best Practices for Database Monitoring and various tools supporting database monitoring

· Strong experience with implementation of backup plan (Implementation of RMAN recovery manager)

· Strong Oracle experience in data warehouse

· Experience on Oracle Advanced Queue is preferred

· Experience of MictoryStrategy and Tableau is a big plus

· Excellent communication skills

Please contact:-
Raj Singh