Job Description :
Engagement Description:

Participate as a developer for projects around security and identity applications, creating proprietary, customizing, and integration between applications and systems.

Top 3 Required Skills/Experience: (5 years)

Quantified years of experience tied to specific skills/experience.

1. Java

2. JavaScript

3. ISIM/ITIM Administration or Development (consuming or provisioning to)

Additional Required Skills/Experience:

· Java development 5+ years

· JavaScript Development 5+ years

· LDAP (or AD) Provisioning (to or from) 5+ years

· Experience with Integration of COTS applications with custom applications 5+ years

· Experience working on multiple projects (and/or requirements) simultaneously 5+ years

· Works well alone or in a group structure 4+ years

· Experience working with source code control tools (such as Harvest/SCM) 3+ years

· Experience interpreting System/Solution Architecture Designs 4+ years

· Experience creating operational support documents for administrators 4+ years

Preferred Skills/Experience

· Working with ITIM/ISIM 4+ years

· Working TDI/STS 4+ years

· Writing SAML Mappers 4+ years

· Creating System/Solution Architecture Design documents 4+ years

· Joint Application Development process and extracting business requirements from sessions 3+ years