Job Description :
Position: Software Design Engineer 2

Location: Redmond, WA

Job Type: Full Time

Top 3 Skills:

· C++

· Actual game experience (ie. worked on a shipped game)

· Graphics programming or Gameplay programming

Description: Seeking a Software Design Engineer with an extensive experience in Game Development for an opportunity in Redmond, WA.

Roles and Responsibilities:
· Develops elegant designs and tests that identify and eradicate product or service-wide problems and align to multiple-release product or service plans and feature area architecture.

· Leads by example within the team by producing simple, extensible, and maintainable code with very few defects.

· Finds and fixes classes of defects.

· Ensures consistent, usable, forward-looking, maintainable infrastructure, draws from a large base of design patterns, is an expert in available technologies, and is adept at identifying practices that work well.

· Leads by example within the team by producing simple, extensible, and maintainable code with very few defects and contributes to effective test plans.

· Optimizes, refactors and reuses code to improve performance and maintainability – ensuring maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and return on investment.

· Uses technical knowledge of the product or service design and code to identify risks and prevent classes of bugs.

· Leads design and code reviews across the feature area, understands the root causes of issues, and finds ways to resolve them.

· Overcomes obstacles by resolving issues, regardless of team boundaries, and identifies and resolves teamwork issues. Engages and maintains consistent communication with all relevant parties until issues are resolved.

Skills Required:

· 6+ years of C++ software engineering experience.

· 3+ years of game engine experience.

· Java

· JavaScript

· Amazon Web Service

· MS Azure

· Passionate about Minecraft


· 6+ years of C++ software engineering experience

· 3+ years of game engine experience

· Excellent debugging and optimization skills.

· Previously shipped at least one game on PC or console

· Experienced in common engine systems, such as asset pipeline, rendering, or game object management.

· Strong written and verbal communication skills

· Ability to quickly prototype and iterate

· Eye for detail, and a hunger for excellence

· Self-directed and takes initiative to drive progress

· BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience