Job Description :
Top Three Skills:

1. Must have experience coding in x++, ideally in AX Sales, Marketing, Production BOM, Orders, Inventory (any of these would be great the more the better)
2. Must be able to investigate existing code to and be able to reverse engineer it.
3. Must have very strong documentation skills and the willingness to help train/report findings to the current full time dev staff.
4. Will be taking an existing Application from a 3rd party and learning how it works?in 60 days?and then taking over from there and finishing it, documenting and turning it back over the enterprise apps team?

Job Description:


Our client has multiple enterprise applications both inside AX and systems that are written in .Net that integrate with their ERP that were written by a 3rd party. They have little to no documentation of what they do or how to fix them if they were to go down. They are in the process of building a 3 person team of developers to go in an reverse engineer these systems to figure out what they code does and document it so that they have the knowledge internally. They are looking for two developers one with .Net C# skills, strong SQL database experience and ETL skills, and AX r2 or R3 experience x++, to work as a team to go through these systems. The first is a ecommerce applications, they also have TPI & TPSI that they have no clue what the code does