Job Description :
Duration :Free 3 weeks of training
Timing : Week Days: 1 - 2 hrs per day (OR) Weekends: 2 - 3 hrs per day
Method : Online Training
Material : Softcopy
Additional: Interview with ServiceNow clients within 6 weeks of training completion

Virtual-learning sessions designed to meet international level of training in ServiceNow System.
Training is offered by best Industry aware experts with extensive knowledge about ServiceNow
Vital Lab exercises, further complemented by Demo exercises

Course offers:
The entire ServiceNow Admin Training is divided in different modules

Module 1: ServiceNow platform user interface (ui) and configuration basics, comprising mobile interfaces, key screen elements, as well as plugins and branding.
Module 2: Add users, groups, and roles.
Module 3: Manage data with tables, importing sets, CMDB
Module 4: Populate Knowledge Bases, service catalog, Adjust and trial workflows and approvals, Make SLAs, Generate and run reports.
Module 5: Application Administration: Policies and Relations, Generate and test Business rules and clients scripts,application security, alerts and notifications.
Module 6: On-going Maintenance. Update Sets, viewing Upgrade History and Status, performance and troubleshooting

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Client : Logicbulls Inc