Job Description :
As a Database Analyst you will be part of a team that is working to set-up an open-source application called WebCAMP. This application is for tracking the use of biomedical research services, tools, and resources for the client . You will work closely with IT Department (Database Analyst), and the WebCAMP team who are responsible for implementing the application. You will meet weekly with the implementation team to discuss requirements and planning for upcoming project tasks. You will be engaged in documenting the current-state workflow of the Client’s processes in providing these biomedical research services, tools, and resources, as well as the future-state workflow. You will work with the team to put this future-state workflow into motion to build out the WebCAMP application customizable platform, addressing any technical issues and customized features requested by the client. You will also participate in training staff and faculty users on the WebCAMP application, as needed.

Knowledge of object-oriented database concepts is essential; experience with database structures, database management, and SQL (Oracle, T-SQL, SQLServer) a great plus
Intuition, experience, and desire to work with web applications or computer software independently
Being able to identify, fix, and elevating issues as necessary during troubleshooting
Strong written and verbal communication skills to present findings, ideas, or concepts in an appropriate manner depending on target audience
Word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation skills
Desire to work in a team setting and engage in collaborative activities with staff and faculty
Strong ability in monitoring project plans to meet expected timelines
Basic skills with workflow analysis or process mapping are a plus, but not required