Job Description :
Linux, Python, Jenkins, DEVOPS

To learn and understand the process to build and improve upon the infrastructure install/build/deployment process.
To build an Automation process and procedure.
Deployments to integration, system test, performance environments
Developing automation infrastructure using scripts for deployments
Maintenance of various environments at appropriate software versions
Creation and maintenance of build/deployment projects using Jenkins
Administration of user-base on Jenkins server
Administration of Jenkins server and plug-ins in Linux environment
Installation and configuration of Subversion in Linux environment
Administration of Subversion server; up-grading, and performing backup activities for SVN, branching, merging, tagging
Developing and maintaining SVN hook scripts
Administration of repositories and users using SVN Edge
Running SQL queries and stored procedures as a part of deployments
Creating packages such as WAR, EAR, JAR using ANT and Maven build tools and deploying these artifacts in clustered and non-clustered environments