Job Description :
Develop and provide support to all system interfaces and coordinate with all project managers/teams/stakeholders to provide specifications for all core modules.
Coordinate with various developers, project teams and analyst to prepare designs for new applications/existing application enhancements and documents all processes to ensure effective evaluation of all applications.
Strong experience in PL/SQL
Analyze and ensure efficient transition of all technical design documents and develop various SQL packages to provide support to all application developers.
Monitor and recommend changes if required to all PL/ SQL packages and provide stored procedures and design and develop various relational database objects.
1) Knowledge on SQLs and aggregate function used to generate reports (Rank , Pivot ) .
2) Have development experience in Triggers , package , collections (nested table , records , Varray )
3) Have good knowledge in Object oriented programming.
4) Have experience in Performance tuning and performance related features Query Optimizer, AUTOTRACE, Execution Plans .
5) Knowledge on objects like Tables, Views, Constraints, Indexes (Bitmap and Function Based), Functions, procedures, cursors, Packages, sequences, Triggers, Analytical functions, Materialized Views .
6) Knowledge on Oracle session and analysis on high session count .
7) Knowledge on SQL Joins and Dynamic SQL.