Job Description :
Seasoned Network Engineer

The position calls for being onsite Monday thru Friday during normal business hours. As a matter of policy, the City does not allow working from home/remotely unless its for an emergency.

Number of Years: Not important, but not someone who just got their certificate
Type of stack: Cisco
Upgraded to Nexus 7000 Switches
95% switches to POE
AFA 5520
20 switches that will be arriving from Cisco
Deployed, racked, mounted and configured
Doesn''t want someone who only configures
Wiring experience necessary, may run cables
Likes certifications like CCNP and experience
Explain difference between layer 1,2,3
There are two big projects that are on the way right now
1 gig pipe for library

Routers and switches
3 network engineers
1 senior network
1 network tech

Prep questions:
-Cisco ASA Security Questions
-Basic Windows Server questions
-user cannot access finance application. What do you do?
-Questions involving CCNP trainings
o Youd know the answer if you have your CCNP
- Multi-tasking
o Being able to do more than just strictly Network Engineering, VPN, and security. Basics like basic Support help as well.