Job Description :
Job duties:

· Deploying and integrating DSC PCRF (Policy and Charging Rating Function) with Customer EPC and IMS core element to offer policy control and data usage management to LTE and VoLTE Subscribers.

Job Description:

· Perform services that includes the following commissioning and integration services:

5780 DSC consultation and design

5780 DSC custom configuration and validation

Implementation of up to five (5) policy management use cases

Test and validation of the DSC solution in Lab and production environments.

Interoperability testing

5780 DSC consultation and design: - The 5780 DSC is a flexible data driven system and this design consultation service will advise Customer on the configuration of multiple parameters:

User account types


Internal SPR(Subscriber profile repository) configuration

Customization of the 5780 DSC rule engine and detailed design of the managed rules based on Customerbusiness demands

Use cases

o Up to 5 use cases will be defined as part of the HLD(High level design),

o Rule engine configuration

o Service provider requirement analysis

o Rules design

o Rules optimization


o Gx integration with Nokia PGW

o Gx integration with Cisco PGW

o Gx integration with Ericsson PGW

o Radius integration with Cisco PDSN

o Sd integration with Sandvine DPI

o Rx integration with IMS

o Sy integration with OCS

o SMPP with CustomerFault Management system

o sFTP with Customer Billing System

o SOAP with Customer Provisioning System


Performance Monitoring

OAM Rules

System Configuration

Physical deployment including

o Redundancy

o IP address scheme


· Experience with Payment, Policy and Charging DSC PCRF products/platforms

· Experience as Payment Solution Architect, Policy expert, Integration and Testing

· Reviewing business use cases/requirements with Customer for PCRF application

· Conducting/executing Design Workshop with Customer

· Designing the policies/rules sets for PCRF

· Validating Rulesets/policies in a Lab environment

· Development and testing of MOPs

· PCRF Software deployment in Virtualized Environment

· System integration for Diameter, Radius, SNMP etc. interfaces

· System testing and debugging

· Troubleshooting

· Customer Support