Job Description :
Job Title : Financial analyst

Roles & Responsibilities :
(1) A person who understands Ledgers et all. Posting to Ledgers etc. A background understanding of Accounts principals and concepts is important.
(2) A person who can track deviance in the Projected and Actual project figures. See a story in the figures and be able to judge the impact in the coming time period as a result of this.
(3)Here we need a person who has knowledge of End Client PM delivery roles.
The "FA Role" person must have managed mid to large size program/project budgets.
(4) The Person would require to work along with all the PM''s in the program and pull numbers from them which reflect the financial health of the Projects. A very critical role indeed for monitoring the financial health of the Program and interpreting numbers to provide the financial Tsunami, in case anticipated.
(5) The best fit will be a person who has worked as a PM on the TD side.
(6) This Role is unique in the sense that a BFM (Business Finance Manager) with a flavor for working along with the Project Delivery teams in real world would be a good fit.

Job Location : Mt Laurel, NJ
Duration : 1 Year