Job Description :
Job Title Web Admin
Summary Responsible for web system maintenance and delivery high quality of implementations.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities* 1. Have good attention to detail and improve existing documentation
2. Process oriented and interest in continuously improving
3. Vigilant toward maintenance and troubleshooting existing applications
4. Help overcome web admin hurdles during implementation (Accountable for web admin implementation)
5. Monitor and debug issues in day to day activities as well as during performance testing periods
6. Proactively investigate logs and systems to improve system upgrade
7. Able to communicate with other teams and maintain a comfortable and conducive work environment.
8. Have comprehensive knowledge and skills to resolve web admin issues as needed / overcome hurdles
9. Keep abreast of HRS standards, technologies or methodologies
10. Incorporate solid monitoring tools and alerts to prevent production down time
11. Review existing documentation for accuracy and quality
12. Help application and development teams in coordinating tasks, releases, testing and closure of web admin activities.
1. Strong understanding of multiple production, e.g. IIS, J2EE, Sun GlassFish, SpringSource Tomcat, Sun ONE, ATG and Weblogic Server
2. Working knowledge of Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms
3. Experience with multiple java versions
4. Good listener and communicator
5. Flexible / and get along with others
6. Handle work pressure and personalities
7. Carry out multiple assignments and yet be detail oriented
8. Initiative and Driven
Should have a first degree in any of these: Computer Science, information technology, management information systems, software engineering or networking. Master’s degree preferred.