Job Description :
Job Description:
· End to end testing of the Customer Web Portal in the vehicle and sometimes in CANoe simulator.

· End to end manual testing of iPhone and Android Mobile apps.

· Automation of selected recurring web test steps using Selenium web driver using Python.

· Testing of web Security features such as Cross site Scripting (CSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Session Fixation using Firebug and ZAP tool.

· Testing of Telematics Backend such as TOS, Middleware, FAL, Siebel and EDB against the Requirements – both Functional and System Requirements.

· Preparation of Test cases in HP ALM and execute the same.

· Testing of New FAL web Services by SOAP UI using the WSDLs provided with Assertions.

· Setup the Simulator test bench by Connecting the OCU (Onboard Connectivity Unit) to the CANoe Simulator via CAN and make sure it’s available for testing.

· Interacting with Germany offshore to test the Vehicle related functionalities for non US vehicles.

Tools / Technology Used:
· Software Tools: HP Application Lifecycle management, CANoe Simulator, SQL Developer, Siebel , Putty, InVehicle Testing, SOAP UI, Eclipse, Firebug, ZAP Penetration testing tool.

· Extensive experience in HP Application Lifecycle management.

· Good experience with CANoe Simulator.

· Expertise in manual testing of iPhone and Android Mobile apps.

· Knowledge of selenium web driver using python.

· Knowledge of SOAP UI experience is a plus

· Good written and verbal communication skills.

· End to End manual Testing of the Customer Web Portal in the Vehicle and sometimes in CANoe Simulator.

· End to End manual testing of iPhone and Android Mobile apps